# How to use Fundraiso Lists

# Understand the "Default List"

The default list is the list where your favorites are added to when you use the Star button. This is helpful when you have a new project and you are researching organizations. It allows you to quickly add new organizations to the default list with one click from your search results.

# Add an organization to a list

There are different ways to add new organizations to your list:

  1. From search result with Star button
  2. From search result with Add to list dropdown
  3. From tab "Manage Lists" on the organization detail page

# Remove an organization from list

  1. Choose your list at the top right dropdown
  2. Find the organization
  3. Click on the "Trash" icon to remove the organization from the current list

# Create a new List

  1. Choose a random list at the top right dropdown
  2. You will find a "Create" button at top right.